Surf style then and now

Almost a year ago I asked the question: Where did surf fashion go? I didn’t suggest it had disappeared, I was just thinking about the state of surf clothing and how it compares to the gear that I grew up with. Do surfers still wear chequered Vans slip-ons? Do Jams and Jimmy’Z still exist even? Sure, I still see Rip Curl, Hurley, O’Neill, etc., but these were never cutting edge.

Rip Curl Cup 2014 Padang Padang: Expression session

Surf stars warmed up yesterday, August 4th at Padang Padang for the Rip Curl Cup 2014, the 11th annual event of its kind. Although organisers were looking to have another warm-up or search session today (the 5th), the contest is on hold at the time of writing this post. But if the warm-up/expression session was anything to judge by, get ready for some serious tubes to come. The Rip Curl

Bali on film: Perfect Wave, Local Style

Ever since the release of the Australian surf documentary Morning of the Earth in 1971, the waves of Uluwatu and Bali have been appearing on film for the world to see. From small docs that appear only on YouTube or at isolated film festivals to Hollywood hits like Eat Pray Love, this island paradise is making its mark on screens all over the planet. Before you travel to Bali to catch the waves,

Bali temples: 5 shrines are better than a thousand

Whether you’re heading to Bali on a surf holiday, backpacking through Southeast Asia or on a little Eat Pray Love-inspired romantic spa retreat, there are certain things you have to see on this “Island of the Gods”. Remember, in contrast to the rest of Indonesia, which is predominantly Muslim in faith, Bali is at least 85% Hindu — and Balinese Hinduism is a culture of its own. Another nickname for

2014 Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang kicks off

The 2014 Rip Curl Cup has come to the home of Rapture Surfcamp Bali — Padang Padang. The site of the island’s famous tube, Padang Padang draws surfers from all over the world. It’s affectionately (and respectfully) referred to as the “Balinese Pipeline” after Hawaii’s legendary tube. Padang Padang left is a powerful and fast break with waves that average a height of 10 feet (3 meters), while Padang Padang

A Bali holiday when not everyone surfs

Just get away from the shady turf And baby go catch some rays on the sunny surf —From “Catch a Wave” by the Beach Boys It’s time we admitted it: not everyone wants to catch a wave or participate in the greatest sport in the world. Every surfer has loved ones, even life-partners, who would rather sit on the beach or go somewhere else, while their husband, wife or whoever

Bali surf culture

Bali surf culture means that surfing is embedding in the modern fabric of this island, among local expats as well as natives. Sure, it hasn’t been here for over 1,000 years like some of the villages and temples you’re bound to visit if you’re not a complete philistine — an admittedly unfortunate term unfairly derived from the real Philisintes of the ancient world — but surfing culture is vibrant on



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